Yoga with Madeleine

Madeleine’s classes are characterized by a pedagogic guidance, the right sense of alignment and assisting and warm presence. This is reflected by her energy, understanding, curiosity, playfulness and humor. She teaches all from a quiet founding hatha to an energetic vinyasa. Classes are for all levels, whether you are a beginner or more advanced yogi.

Madeleine offer:

Classes on studios – Altromondo yoga & Yoga Shakti  (when based in Stockholm).
PT, personal training – Yoga designed for you needs. Singel, group or family class. 
Workshops –  Deepen your practice
Retreats – Boost time! Get a break from daily life, relax and reload.
Surf yoga - yoga for surfers/skateboarders and athletes
Company/Events yoga – Yoga at companies, weekly classes/one time class/event and conference.

Schedule 2018

Stockholm, Sweden
Not present over winter

Charmonix, France from 1/12-28/2
Sattva yoga shala

Ericeira, Portugal 11/3 - 1/9 
Lapoint surf camp

For private classes contact me or call +33 761 84 81 17
 / +46 709 46 15 10


PT, private classes

Personal training is an ideal way to get started with yoga or deepen your practice. The yoga class will be completely designed to your needs and wishes. Works for any purpose, relax, reload, stress, trauma, rebuild after an injury and prevent damage or other restrictions that can sit in the body. PT-yoga offered for individual and group.

SURF YOGA - Yoga for athletes

The combination surf / yoga are becoming more common. The benefit of yoga in kombination with surfing or other sports, is that it both build and recovers the body. Surfing, for example, requires great physics to paddle well, the flexibility of pop ups and, not least, a nice and calm breathing in / under water.

Any sport requires good breathing, focus and balanced body, which improves by practicing yoga.