Welcome to the place of reflection. I’ll be sharing my passions/lifestyles of yoga, skateboard/surf, and news about all kind of upcoming event, classes and retreats. Also my thoughts through the journey of life.

I'm happy to share and i hope you will be happy to follow. 

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Vibrate in authentic tunes


We think we are in control when we ignore our emotions but the truth is that they control us. Ignored emotions get stronger. "I don't wanna try to let my emotions out because i'm afrain i'll get disappointed".  Recognize that feeling? 

Does it work to be in a relationship if you just don't let your heart be fully open? In other words control your emotions. Maybe for a while but I don't believe it works in the long run.
For example, it's like playing an untuned guitar, it works practically but it doesn't sound good and would you like to continue playing? To be able to create beautiful songs all 6 strings have to vibrate together, in right tunes with the intention to create harmony and magic.
Why don't we allow our "strings" to fully vibrate in authentic tunes? One reason could be the famous Mr Fear that wants to take the lead part. Fears of getting hurt, fear of growing up, feeling too attached or maybe not feeling valued just like we are. Nobody wants an aching heart but how can we change that without controlling, ignoring emotions and building walls around the heart? 
We need to go outside ourselves and see things in a bigger perspective. Don't take life too serious, it should be joyful and beautiful. Let go of the past, wash those stains away that we still carry. Dare to go outside our comfort zone, to put an effort,  to trust and believe, being part of the big vibration.
To be able to vibrate with someone else we have to start with ourselves. Have unconditional love and steady base to stand on. With base, i'm not reffering to where we are on the planet, which job we have or how many friends we have. I'm talking about feeling complete just who we are.

These are my reflection and something i practice a lot no matter how many challenging i get. I believe in 100% open heart.

​​​Go beyond illusions and vibrate in reallity <3


Enter the space in beween


Life in Ericeira is passing on. Days are filled with things everyday. When i’m not on duty at the Lapoint camp i spend my free time in the water. Surf always goes first and when i’m not in the water i go to the skatepark. My yoga practice is as important as always. When i say practice many think of yoga poses. I do that too as much as time and space allows but i also reflect about myself and life a lot. I practice Niyama, selfstudy/discipline (one of the eight limbs of yoga). I try to meditate little every day to be grounded and have a soft mind. It’s not easy but that’s why it is called practice. 

One thing that i practice and teach is to go beyond all our doings and enter the space in between. We are constantly thinking, planing and doing things, living in the future or the past. We are not so often in the present moment. When i sit down and close my eyes take a deep breath or when i’m in the water surfing, then i’m in the present. But when i’m surfing i’m still doing something. It’s more challenging to just stop and sit or lay down and do nothing. Just letting myself be and ask ”how are you doing Maddie? How does your body feel?” Sometimes i don’t even have to ask, it comes by it self. 

In this time and space i let unhealed emotions from the past take space. I reflect in an objective way and see what I can learn from it. I let worries of the future just be and find calm in the unknown. Yes, Find Calm In The Unknown have become a mantra for me. It helps when you have many unanswered questions. Believe me i have many questions that i still haven’t got answer to and might never get. Just let it be…We can’t control life nor take responsibility of how other people behave or act but we can take responsibility of our own life and actions. Go deeper within and learn about ourselves and our behaviors. Go beyond… No judgement and do something that put a smile on your face. 
Now it’s time for me to grab my board and enter the water!!! Talk soon! <3


New road took me to Ericeira, Portugal.


In the end of last year i ended up in an unspected situation. It was very challenging for me and broke me in peaces.The road i had planed to take, took a new direction. When one door close another one opens. I ended up in Chamonix instead where i spent 3 months, which was a good solution at the time. I did what i could do addapt to the new place among those beautiful mountains and lovely people. But i realized that i was in the wrong element and i couldn't stop dreaming about the ocean and to surf. My longing to come to a place where i think i belong (next to the ocean) was so strong that a new road was created.
In the beginning of March the wind flew me to a new ground. I'm now situated in Ericeira, Portugal, and working for Lapoint surf camp as a yoga teacher and social host. 
Ericeira is an amazing place with lots of surf spot. There is a cool skatepark where i spend lot of my time when i'm not surfing or working. Also, I'm so glad to be teaching yoga again. I feel good when i can give and share. The combination  with yoga and surf is outstanding. Then I'm thinking not only physically but also the breathing. To just practice breathing exercice really help to calm you mind and be more focused. 
I feel more balanced now when i'm able to do the things i love. That way i can develop as a person and heal inside. :)



MissInka X Wear Walters shades


I'm happy to share the news regarding my collab with the cool shades brand Wear Walters. Wooden shades! How cool isn't that!? :) These shades are made by wood with polarized lenses, 100% UV400 protection. Feels nice to wear sunglasses made from nature and with a good quality lens for protection plus look awesome ;)
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Hope the sun is shining on you! Yeewww! 


Travel, surf, yoga & friends.


Long time no hear, it's because i have been traveling for some time. After the winter season Courchevel, it was time for warmth, surf, coconuts and of course yoga. Me and my boyfriend together with 5 friends went to Bali & Sumba for a month. It was nice to come back to Bali but even more exciting to visit the island Sumba. It is a beautiful island filled with jungle, few tourist, empty beaches, perfect waves. I'm very happy that i had the opportonity to visit such a special place. It gives you an view from back in the days, the farmers, harldy any electricity. The people live very simple but always met you with a smile. :)  The days was filled mostely with surf, eating super tasty food and some yoga. Sometimes if feels, the more you surf the more difficult it get haha, so much to learn. Reading the waves, timing, take off, breath, keep the calm under water and take some bangs now and then. But it's worth it ;)



Light and Love


Friday 7 April,  i receive a message from my mom telling about the terroist attack in Stockholm. I was in France and couldn't believe it, just like many. This create great fear for many. But what also came out of it was love, people help eachother more than ever. It's beautiful but i wonder, is this what have to occour to bring people together? We have to let fear go and open up our heart. Love wins over hate, light over darkness. Let's spread light and love! I'll do my best to share and spred love on the mat.
On my visit to Stockholm i will teach some classes. See schedule under "classes" :)

Let's heal and spred love together! :)

"I'm the captain!"


Fears and dreams

Time have passed and i have been in the alps over 2 month already. The season it's soon going to it's end and new exciting adventures is waiting. I'm thankful for all that i have experienced, good and bad. I've been reflecting much and giving myself time to focus on, as it's called in yoga, "swadhyaya" meaning self-study.
Every day I grow within, getting new knowledge of myself and my surrounding, It's pretty cool to feel like you are growing but not as a "boring adult" ;) nooo, not at all. I would say the other way around. I'm curious about life, how much can you live fully and reach your dreams. For some a dream might just be an illusion that won't become reality. But still i believe that illusions can became reallity, like our dreams.  However, it might not be easy road to walk. It can be full of obsticles and demands you to go outside your comfort zone.
So, what motivate me to put myself outside My comfort zone and taking that step "off the cliff", without knowing where i'm going to land?
The answer is fears motivate me. I will not let fears be the captain of my ship and take the decitions of my life, i'm the captain!

It might sound like i think it's eazy, no way, i do dislike them too. I can be angry at myself to challenge myself so much. But the anger comes from fears. So then it's one option left, learn to love them. 

Thank you Fears for all that you made me do so far!  


Power of the mountains

23-Feb-2017 - Courchevel, France

Lovely mountains

I got the opportunity to do a season in the french alps, in Courchevel. It can of course challenging from time to time, with new place, new people, new culture and language. But even so i feel happy and alive. To go out of the comfort zone and do something new. You can learn so much about yourself and others. 

Now what about yoga? I am teaching a little group in my home 2-3 times a week. I really like the simplicity in teaching this way. I don't need to be in a fancy studio with a big group. It's more about the creation of magic that we make together. :)

For me who is used to go to the tropics and surf it a wonderful experience to be surrounded by the mountains. It's amazing what a great power the mountains have. It helps me to feel grounded and safe. 

Warm regards from mountains! <3