About Madeleine

As a teenager Madeleine began to take an interest in and work on self-development, such as courses for strengthening confidence, meditation, and Qi Gong. Yoga established itself for her and took off for real in 2009, much do to a cataclysmic event in life. It became a tool and resource to find inner peace, balance, and face life's trials. Today, she is passionate about this lifestyle and is an active yogi and appreciated yoga teacher.

Madeleine is spreading energy all around her, she is curious, happy, and a driven skating yogi. She balances life with the lifestyles she loves the most, yoga, skateboarding and surfing. Already in 1994, she started skating, and over the years she has both competed and been a coach for others. When she is not in Stockholm, where she lives, she goes as often as possible to tropical climate, especially Bali, to practice yoga and surfing.


  • Certified Hatha teacher at Yogayama Teacher Training 200h (Yoga Alliance), in Stockholm/Costa Rica.
  • Has attended workshops/courses in Ashtanga yoga, Acro yoga, armbalance, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy.
  • She has been a mentor for two semesters at Yogayama Teacher training 200h.
  • Started Teacher Training (Advanced Course) 300h at Yogayama.
  • Has held yoga retreat on Bali.
  • Surf yoga, on Xtravel surf camp in Hossegor, France.
  • Working actively with yoga, giving regular classes at Altromondo, does workshops, company yoga and yoga retreat.

But most important, she practises yoga on a daily basis.

“Yoga is not just about going to a 90 min class. It’s a constant practice and internal journey through life, to become one with yourself.”